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Is it a safe hard disk?

It is a cloud disk space on our servers in Strasbourg.

The exchange of your files is encrypted and servers are backed up, just in case problems may occur.

The building which houses our servers is monitored by a security company and has an emergency power supply connected to a generator.

Now is that enough?

We believe that nowadays, computing security is not 100% reliable and a professional structure with adequate means can always get his way ... And this goes for all cloud services in the world. Ours is neither better nor worse from this point of view.

We designed this service for knowledgeable parties. Professional or amateur, we address people who know what they are doing.

Because we use John Steel Pro every day, we find that tools such as Steeldrive are very convenient. That's why we wanted to put it at your disposal. But we cannot substitute ourselves to your judgment concerning the sensitivity of the information you store on it, and ask that you be generally on guard concerning the exchange of confidential data on the internet.

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