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What is the Steeldrive?

It's a disk space you have on our servers.

This disk space is generated to create your account and stores all the projects you've completed on the deck.

It is accessible from your customer account and is navigable using the "browser" that finds place at the first layer of it.

The "browser" displays the three layers of the Steeldrive’s structure:

- The "root", where the "my projects" folder can be found. It contains all new projects from the deck. These can be dragged and dropped at the root subsequently.

- The second layer which may contain files or plans.

- The third layer can only contain plans.

The browser contains two icons for creating a folder for each hierarchical level as well as an icon opening your projects which can reload an entire file on the deck.

You can add an existing project using the small dragzone provided for this purpose. The files are then analysed and an icon indicates whether the plan is cuttable or not. You can also duplicate, delete or copy them into to other folders.

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