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Should I be a company to order on John Steel Pro?

Need to cut out a part with special cuts that are not available on the John Steel Configurator? Do you need to have a part cut and delivered as quickly as possible?

Contrary to what one might think, John Steel Pro is not reserved exclusively for professionals. Indeed, the term "pro" designates an audience with advanced technical knowledge and knowing how to use drawing software necessary for the realization of 2D files in .dxf format.

As an individual, you can place an order on the John Steel Pro website by dragging your .dxf file containing your part.

However, if you do not master the drawing software but you need a specific cut pieces, do not hesitate to send us by mail a plan dimensioned in millimeters.
We will, as far as possible, make the dxf file containing your part so that you can place an order.

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