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Which metals are cut and sold by John Steel Pro?

We market steel, aluminium and stainless steel cut to size.

For other metals, the answer is a bit more technical:

Three factors can cause problems during laser cutting:

- Reflectivity,

- The thickness,

- Flammability.

The reflectivity is a problem because the laser beam is reflected and part of the energy necessary for the cutting disperses.

The thickness poses a similar problem: the molten metal absorbs the energy of the beam before the part is completely pierced. We can cut steel up to 20 mm, stainless steel up to 12 mm and aluminium up to 10 mm.

Finally, the flammability of the materials is the last factor. Some considered flammable materials can enter the cutting operation, including plastic protective films that protect certain fragile plates for aesthetic use (stainless steel, etc.).

Non CO2-laser cuttable materials are highly reflective materials such as copper, silver and other precious metals.

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