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How can I generate a cuttable DXF file?

First of all you must make a plan on your preferred CAD / CAO software. Only the shape of the piece must remain on the plan: no cartridge, no construction lines and no "copyright toto". The laser beam will follow the line you draw.

You must pay attention to two / three things:

  • You have to work on a 1:1 mm scale where 1 mm on your plan corresponds to 1 mm in reality
  • the cutting lines should not intersect,
  • the cutting line should not do a U-turn
  • be sure to close your perimeters
  • it is necessary that the diameter and / or the piercing details (the space between two cuts) are greater than 0.8 times the thickness of the metal sheet. Thus a piece 5mm thick can’t have holes smaller than a 4mm diameter or a detail implying that one cutting line approaches another by less than 4mm.
  • Remember that the centre of an opening falls (and therefore is not included).
  • Especially if you cut out letters, the loops of the D, P, R, A or O, fall. To avoid this, use the font STENCIL. There's a whole collection at

Once you've finished drawing your part, save or export the file in AutoCAD Interchange DXF R2014 format

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