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How do I deposit my plans and obtain a price?

Screencast John Steel Pro - How to use JSPro from John Steel on Vimeo.

This screencast explains how to get your DXF plans cut into metal in a few simple steps!

John Steel Pro is an online metal cutting service: we cut according to your drawings in steel, stainless steel and aluminium sheets in large format.

The format of your parts must fit into a rectangle of maximum 3000 mm by 1500 mm.

File preparation

Begin with preparing your cutting files in DXF-format.

The file must be cleared of construction lines, cartridges, layers and any information other than the perimeter of cutting. The plan must be in a 1:1 (1 mm on the map is 1 mm in reality).

Do not bundle drawings on the same file, but rather one file per cutting.

File transfer via the Dropzone

Once your files are prepared, visit the site's home page. It has an area designed for deposits that we call the Dropzone. Drag & Drop your files onto the Dropzone.

fig. 1: The Dropzone

Build your order on the Deck

Once the files are dragged on to your Dropzone, they are downloaded and analyzed by the Contour Engine, our plans analysis algorithm.

The transferred files finally appear on the Deck, one work line per plan. Note that the Deck has a small Dropzone underneath for other plans to be added to your project if necessary. 

fig. 2: The Deck

Name your project by clicking on the icon 

The first work line on the deck is probably going to be comparable to this:

fig.3: A work line

It starts with a yellow rectangle or "drag" rectangle that allows you to change the order of the lines if your project requires to do so. It ends with a red zone that deletes the current line without affecting the rest of the project.

A work line is then composed out of three zones:

- The work zone that gives you an indication whether your part is eligible to cut or not. It beggins with a model of the plan, surrounded by green if the file can be cut or red if it can’t. This model is followed by a clickable comment box, which informs you about the micro errors corrected by the Contour Engine. The model is accompanied by an indication of the parts dimensions in mm (pay attention to the scale) and a button activating the editor (see article on the editor) if the file needs to be corrected manually (red model).

- The material area allows you to select your material, its grade and thickness. Pay attention as the menus are linked and therefore appear one at a time, once the previous one is completed. The metal type is also followed by a question mark icon, which opens a window explaining the designated material when clicked.

- The price area where you set the amount of parts needed as well as see the price per unit and total prices evolve. The amount box is connected to our Dynamic Warehouse (dynamic stock) and turns red if the amount needed for your order is out of stock.


The cart in the footer dynamically indicates the transport costs as well as the orders total price. Once all the work lines on the deck are completed, the grey “Continue” button turns magenta and you can successfully order (see the article about the order).

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